Monday, January 16, 2012

Twelve Things I've Learned From My Flock of Sheep

Our little ranch continues to grow and expand to reflect our personal interests and the needs of our customers. In 2011, we added a small flock of Suffolk sheep so we could raise grass-fed lamb. Our sheep graze the same pastures behind our angus cows and add their distinct fun to the mix. We raised some fantastic lamb, and our little flock is slowly getting bigger as my education continues.

I would like to thank our sheep and rams for being very entertaining teachers. Here's what I've learned so far:

1. Every flock has to have a leader. If you're the leader, you either make the others look smart or look dumb.

2. You don't need a reason to jump and kick up your heels.

3. The best place to be is on the top of the pile.

4. Leave smaller poops behind you and fewer people complain.

5. Tight-fitting knits do not make you look thinner.

6. There's safety in numbers for everyone except the unlucky one. Don't be the unlucky one.

7. Act stupid and people will lower their expectations. But you'll be left hanging out with other stupid people.

8. Everybody needs to change their clothes occasionally.

9. Size isn't everything. Agility counts for something.

10. Small things can come in big packages. And small things can have big packages.

11. Don't be difficult. Don't be last.

12. R&A Paradise Ranch lamb tastes GREAT even if you've never liked lamb!