Monday, December 20, 2010

What I've Learned From Our Cowdogs

    Ross has had border collies for many years and can tell tales about a lot of tails. Today, we have two young dogs, Joie de Vivre (Joy) and Easy Living II (Easy). Ross picked them both when they were puppies and we've trained them to be well-disciplined cowdogs. I got Joy before I actually moved to Oregon, and since making Paradise home, she has become my constant companion, faithful cowdog, and friend. She makes it clear to everyone that I'm her boss and she could care less what anyone else things. She barely tolerates Ross. I gave Easy to Ross for Christmas last year to replace his beloved friend who was the first Easy. This was the Easy that introduced us. He died last summer after a short, early retirement due to a brain tumor. Ross and I still miss our old friend very much. But "little" Easy has brought a lot of fun and joy into Ross's life and is becoming an amazing cowdog who is a lot of fun to work with. He'll take pets from anybody.
    Joy's piercing glare stops most people from trying to pet her.
    I've learned a lot from Joy and Easy.
    Joy and Easy
  1. Enjoy what's in your bowl today. Don't worry about what'll be there tomorrow. Whatever it is, it'll be good too.
  2. Joy loves kitties.
  3. Don't hold a grudge.
  4. When you're not working, you should be playing or sleeping.
  5. Don't sniff her butt unless she wants you to sniff her butt.
  6. Share. There are lots of bones.
  7. Be faithful. People love that.
  8. It's OK to eat gophers. Just fill in the hole that you make.
  9. Mean people are mean. Stay away from mean people.
  10. If you have to barf, don't barf on the carpet or in the truck.
  11. Don't kill a chicken. It's never good to start a bad habit.
  12. It's great to ride with the windows down. Don't worry about messing your hair up.
  13. Don't poop on the path where people walk.
  14. Get wormed regularly. Parasites cause problems.
  15. Never eat off the boss's plate.
  16. It's OK to wag and bite. Just not at the same time.
  17. Don't pee on someone else's tree.
Joy is working hard at the job she loves.

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